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Mark Cunningham


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Mark Cunningham has several books out, including Scissors and Starfish from Right Hand Pointing, a much more "normal" book, but still edge-of-the-seat reading. An eighty-some-odd-section sequence titled "Fail Lure" is forthcoming in Otoliths. His 11-piece sequence, 11 Locales, is here at One Sentence Poems.


Mark writes of multizon(e):

These are part of a larger series, "about" the origin of one-celled biological life: its formation(s); its various ways of feeding (fermenting its own nutrients or absorbing other elements or organisms); its defending itself; and then the development of two-celled organisms.

Words here  (if that term fits) can be nouns and verbs at the same time, or what looks like a word might be two if it has a parenthesis or slash in it— even the title "Multizon(e)" is both multizon (after horizon) and multizone. And a lot works be ear: "stray/t" is both stray (or strayed) and straight.


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