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slow dark film

a chapbook by 

Lynn Strongin

slow_dark_film-3 copy.jpeg

Lynn Strongin writes out of pain and with persistence, like no other contemporary poet, and with a formal sophistication that takes us back to the modernists driven to invention by the transformations around them. It's no wonder that poets like Akhamatova, like Mandelstam, speak to her, speak through her.

-Jordan Smith, Author of Little Black Train

slow dark film

LUMINOUS, in my grasp

A glorious banister with gloss

So clearly held that I breathed easy

Moving thru air green as water: then

When it slipped it was breathless: a lung-hit:

That quick


Taken. Eye-blink.

Like a mother’s hand from child:

         I looked at it: etched in dark slow film: like the beloved hit by a 


         Asylum, forever mine.