Journeying with the Owl

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Larry D. Thomas

copyright 2020 by Larry D. Thomas

All rights reserved.

photo by Dollar Gill


"Americans, as a whole, seem to go to extremes to avoid the subject of death, as if it never occurs," writes Larry D. Thomas. "Other cultures, especially the Mexicans to the south of us, have a completely different and much healthier attitude toward death, regarding it just as integral to the circle of life as life itself." 


Our regular contributor, Larry D. Thomas, has been cited on NPR for his writing on Mexican culture. His chapbook Los Días de los Muertos, is one of many we have published over the years, and was inspired by Larry's interest in cultural attitudes toward death. 


It is our pleasure to present this new sequence of seven small poems, Journeying with the Owl.

Dale Wisely, Right Hand Pointing





The quark

closing the circle

of life.

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas






of the whitest

of white light.

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas




Sacred place

where marigold petals

are the silken flames


of candles.

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas




The o

of the gaping mouth

freezing with the whoosh


of “oh…”

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas






happening of birth


Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas






on a scaffold

on the high plains,


bound in a blanket

suffused with sundown,

remains wait


for crumbling

by the wind

into dust.

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas






as a luminous veil

of gossamer,


a door


to the spirit realm.

Journeying with the Owl
Larry D. Thomas


Larry D. Thomas, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate, is privileged to be a longtime contributor to Right Hand Pointing.  He has published numerous award-winning and critically acclaimed collections of poetry.  His most recent book is In a Field of Cotton: Mississippi River Delta Poems, Blue Horse Press 2019.



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